The Hills Beyond

The Hills Beyond, Band Photo - by Turver Photography, on Flickr



The Hills Beyond is a band of musicians from University Presbyterian Church. The group coalesced out of a three fold desire: To create music that is robust, interesting and congregationally engaging; to lead worship that is theologically rich as well as repetitive and meditative; and to write music out of the things their community is hearing God speak. The Hills Beyond has developed a highly collaborative style of song writing. From start to finish each song is molded and shaped, in some way, by every member of the band. Together they are able to craft a song that is greater than any one member could do alone. Kyle Turver, a vocalist and guitarist from The Hills Beyond explains,

“The collaborative song writing is so essential because we are writing songs out of a communal experience of God’s word spoken to us; we hear God’s word in community therefore we must create songs from that word in community.”

The Hills Beyond will be releasing a free two song EP titled ‘Empire’ in March 2012 and will release their full length self titled album in May for $5. The Hills Beyond leads worship at UPC but is also available to lead and perform in other venues and churches. For information about booking contact at University Presbyterian Church.


Kristine Blosser, Timmy Christensen, Jesse Erickson,
Matt Lobe, Kyle Turver, Max Wood